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Tasting Notes: Cacao Nibs, Physalis, Orange Blossom
Roast Profile: Filter
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1930 masl
Origin: Cajamarca, Cutervo, Callayuc, Peru
Varieties: Red & Yellow Caturra, Castillo
Main Harvest period: Mid June - Mid October

This is the first year buying Ivan’s coffee and what a great result we have had with his quality. Ivan’s farm is located in one of our most beloved areas in Cajamarca: Callayuc. Although a small district, it is home to many great lots and producers.

Many producing communities throughout Peru have small plots of land, on which they grow and cultivate coffee, other crops and livestock. It is often not viable for small producers to sell their coffees directly to exporters or the international market - instead, small producers from one or more communities often combine their harvests into regional lots, representing a flavour profile reminiscent of their region. 

When enjoying this Peruvian expect a delightfully crisp and vibrant coffee, boasting gentle fruity undertones reminiscent of Physalis and Orange Blossom, culminating in a lingering hint of rich Cocao Nibs

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