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The Gift 6 Month Subscription - Germany

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Here's how subscriptions work

Available anywhere in Germany


Fjord's 'The Gift' coffee subscription is the perfect way to explore the world of exceptional coffees - either for yourself or a coffee loving family member of friend.

Fjord’s gift coffee subscription service delivers fresh coffee direct to your home or office door once a month for the desired amount of your choosing, so that your favourite roast is always on hand.

Simply select how much coffee you'd like to receive with each monthly delivery and we'll do the rest! Whichever subscription option you choose, you’ll be sent our roasters’ pick of the most interesting coffee we’re sourcing at any given time of year, selected for flavour and taste - so you can know that you'll always get the best.

The Jist

- Choose between filter or espresso roast style.

- Choose your length of time and save!

- All coffees come as whole bean.

- We’ll then send you your desired amount of freshly roasted coffee once a month.

- Coffee is sent out on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

- Your credit card or PayPal will be charged when you place the order. This is a pre-paid subscription.

- Only available to Germany.


The Price of your subscription depends on how long you wish to subscribe for! 

- 2 x 250g for 3 Months: 74,9€ (Saving more than 27,0€)

- 1 x 1kg for 3 Months: 129,9€ (Saving more than 50,0€)

- 2 x 250g for 6 Months: 159,8€ (Saving more than 40,0€)

- 1 x 1kg for 6 Months: 250,0€ (Saving more than 110,0€)

- 2x 250g for 12 Months: 312,0€ (Saving more than 90,0€)

- 1 x 1kg for 12 Months: 480,0€ (Saving more than 240,0€)