What if we don't have any coffee machines or equipment? 

If your office or workplace doesn't have any coffee machines or equipment, we are able to help. We are able to supply a range of machinery and equipment, ranging from commercial or small espresso machines, filter coffee machines, grinders and more. 

For most small-to-medium workplaces, we recommend a Moccamaster filter coffee machine and a Wilfa Svart coffee grinder.

What kind of coffee do you supply? 

Fjord Coffee Roasters is focused on sourcing, roasting and supplying high quality, specialty coffee from around the globe. We offer a range of single origin coffees – originating from a single country, farm, or estate – or house blends comprised of two or more coffees. 

As part of our most popular Kaffee fur Bûros option, the Office Coffee Subscription, we supply new single origin coffees each month, roasted for filter. This way, you and your team are able to experience a range of coffees from across the globe throughout the year, learning more about coffee (and your favourite coffees) as you do so. 

How much coffee do we need? 

The amount of coffee each office or workplace needs depends largely on how much is consumed, and how the coffee is brewed and consumed. We recommend starting with 0.5-1kg of coffee per employee, per month depending on how many cups a day they drink. 


Sounds great – what's next?

If you're interesting in taking your office or workplace coffee to the next step then get in touch with us so we can organise a tasting with you and begin brewing some delicious coffee. Or alternatively, if you're ready to subscribe to one of our office coffee subscriptions, search through the options below or email wholesale@fjord-coffee.com