Fjord is a coffee roasting business based in Berlin, Germany whose mission is to uncover the rarest and most unique flavours in coffee.

Since 2016, we've to aimed to facilitate the correlation between high quality coffee consumption and sustainable coffee production, so that the true value of specialty coffee is realised along the supply chain. This purpose is directed at improving the two main areas of the coffee supply chain - the coffee drinking culture in the cities we operate in, as well as the economic sustainability for farmers.

Our goal of exploring new and unique flavours in coffee has driven us to work closely with some of the best coffee farmers and producers in the world. We work together creating experimentations aimed at making discoveries and breakthroughs which lead us to the next rare and unique lots of coffee.

This not only facilitates these incredible and complex flavours that coffee can offer, but also creates greater value for the farmers we work with as their lots of coffee become rare & more sought after. 


We approach roasting as a craft, constantly looking to grow in experience in order become the best coffee roasters in Europe. Mastering coffee roasting is a journey and through a disciplined & dedicated approach we will continue our journey for a lifetime.

As a result of our approach we’ve grown to understand that the most brilliant flavours are produced on the farms and in the processing stations and it is our job as roasters to simply honour the work done at origin and draw out and showcase the flavours.

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