Where is Fjord located? 
Fjord is located in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Our roastery and production is based in Marzahn, in the east of Berlin at Zur Alten Börse 79.

When was Fjord founded? 
Fjord coffee roasters was founded in 2016 by Kresten Thøgersen, Morgan Love, and James Maguire. As owners of hospitality venues across Berlin, they saw the need for supply of quality, roasted coffee along with exceptional customer service. They wanted to create a roasting business that was uncompromising when it came to coffee quality, and that maintained close and long-lasting relationships with its partners. The idea of Fjord was born, and we haven't looked back since. 

Can I visit the Fjord roastery? 
Our roasting facility is not currently open to the public, and can be entered by appointment only. To enquire about visiting the roastery, please email hello@fjord-coffee.com with details about your group size and potential dates. 

I have a media enquiry – who do I speak to? 
If you'd like to get in touch regarding an interview, event or sponsorship, please send an email to marketing@fjord-coffee.com and we'll be in touch as soon as possible. 


Where do you source your coffee from? 
Fjord sources coffee from all over the globe! We're interested in finding the rarest and most exotic coffees possible, no matter where they're grown. We currently have direct trade relationships with producers in Brazil, El Salvador and Colombia, and source from a number of other countries at any given time of the year.

How is Fjord coffee roasted? 
We use a unique approach for roasting our coffees, applying a combination of conduction and convection methods on our cast iron Probat roaster. This enables us to treat each coffee differently, depending on the density of the beans as the various qualities of each that we wish to highlight. Learn more about our roasting approach here

I'm not sure how to brew my coffee – where do I start? 
There are many different variables involved in brewing an excellent cup of coffee, and adjusting these variables will greatly impact the outcome. We've prepared a Brewing Guides & Principles page as a way to help you to create the best coffee possible. 

Can I order my coffee to be ground (not whole bean)?
At this time, we only sell whole coffee beans and do not grind to order. If you're interested in purchasing a coffee grinder for home, we offer several options via our Equipment page.


Do you offer subscriptions? 
Absolutely. We offer subscriptions across Germany and Europe, with your choice of filter or espresso roast. Each month, we select two different coffees to send out to subscribers, and email information about these coffees in advance. Read more about subscriptions here

Is there an option for Gift Subscriptions? 
Coffee is one of the best gifts you can give someone! Our Gift Subscription option allows you to ship coffee to your loved one, with options for both filter or espresso. 

Can I pause or cancel my subscription? 
Our non-gift subscriptions have no minimum duration, and can be paused or cancelled at any time. Simply log in to your account to make changes to your delivery schedule – if you cannot access your account or have difficulty in cancelling your subscription, please get in touch


Can I order coffee to be delivered outside of Germany? 

Of course! Although we are based in Berlin, we ship our coffees across the world using a variety of courier and shipping services. You can find more information about processing and shipping times here

I can't see my country on the shipping options. Why?
While we can ship coffee to most countries in the world, certain countries have difficult customs regulations that would cause coffee to take months to arrive. For this reason, some countries are not currently available in our shipping options. 

I haven't received my order yet – can you help? 
Each order placed through our website receives unique tracking, which tells you when the coffee has been shipped. There are also options to receive email updates, so you know when it's getting close to you. 

If you haven't received any updates, we recommend checking the Spam folder of your email account.

For a full description of our Shipping and Processing terms, visit this page. If you need to get in touch with us regarding an order, please do so via answers@fjord-coffee.com


Did you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
We offer wholesale pricing for orders from 120€ and free shipping of orders from 200 €. If you wish to order less than 120€ of goods, then please send us through an email to: wholesale@fjord-coffee.com

If you're interested in partnering with Fjord, please visit our Wholesale Partnerships page for more information.