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Flavour Notes: Honeymelon, Agave, White Plum.
Origin: Incahuasi, Cusco, Peru
Farm: Finca Paqay Pata, 1 hectare
Producer: Feliciano Huayllas
Processing: Washed. Special Dry Fermentation, pulped for 32 hours
Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 1948 masl
Roast Profile: Filter Coffee 

A mountain-grown Geisha full of fruity and nectar sweetness. 

Feliciano Huayllas grows this washed Geisha varietal at Finca Paqay Pata, a 1-hectare farm in the Pacaybamba sector of Incahuasi, in southern Peru. He utilises a mix of semi-forest vegetation and shade farming, including a range of indigenous species such as cedro, tarco, revel and yanay to protect the coffee trees as they grow and mature. 

This particular lot – accumulating to only 70kg – was harvested quite late compared to other regions in Peru. The extremely high altitude and distinct climate of the Incahuasi Valley result in slower ripening periods, allowing the coffee to develop and absorb complex qualities of stone fruit and agave. 

We selected this coffee as a delicious display of slow-ripening coffee from Peru, and for its notes of agave syrup, honey melon and stone fruit, like white peaches. 

Incahuasi translates to ‘house of the Incas’ and represents the Incahuasi Valley south-west of the snowpeaked Choquesafra and Coisopacana mountains in the province of La Convención, Cusco. The Members of the Incahuasi Cooperative employ the methods of 'Minka' (shared community work) and 'Ayni'  (shared day-to-day work) to refine their practices and aid each other in their harvest, processing and care for their farms. 

The farmers produce coffee below these ice capped mountains at high altitudes ranging between 1850 and 2450 meters, each cuenca in a different valley and micro-climate, often influenced by the huge 5000+ meter high mountains from which these valleys derive. 

Available in 250g only. 

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