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Nacho Jodar Arias and partner Jan Stenzl are the team behind Orsa, a relative newcomer to the specialty coffee scene in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since opening their shop in Vesterbro, they've already garnered a reputation for extravagant pastries, delicious juices and of course, high-quality specialty coffee. 

With the Orsa team currently featuring a range of Fjord coffees in store, we took the opportunity to learn a bit more about their background, interests and specialty coffee in Denmark.


Hey Nacho! Please tell us a bit about yourself and the history of Orsa.

My name is Nacho and together with my partner Jan Stenzl, we founded Orsa a little less than half a year ago. Jan is the rational part of Orsa and I am the creative part.

Jan and I came from completely different backgrounds, but we have one thing in common: London. We both spent a gap year there and fell in love with the city. Many years later we met in Copenhagen working in the same coffee shop.

From there, it was quick and easy. The idea was to bring London to Copenhagen through a dynamic coffee shop focused on 4 pillars: high-quality products, good service, a unique atmosphere, and a brand that could connect with people.

What do you look for when you’re seeking out roasters to work with, and coffee to share with your community?

First and foremost is the quality of the product. Once we make sure that this is met, we look for brands that we like and empathize with. Therefore, we always try to bring something that is not very common in the city.

Denmark has a thriving coffee scene, arguably one of the best in Europe. Why do you think Danish coffee shops and cafes are so successful?

Denmark is a rich country. Especially in Copenhagen, you can clearly see a high standard of living. This means that people can pay a high price for a cup of coffee, and this allows businesses to spend more money on high-quality products.

I think there is also a huge cultural factor. The weather and the lack of sunlight among many other aspects make us drink so much coffee. But honestly, who knows?

Outside of coffee, what does the Orsa team value and like to do? For example, we noticed that you have established a running club.

Yes, we've just partnered with the NORSA running club and it's been nice. We love the idea of being a place where coffee, music, and a healthy lifestyle come together.

I would say that apart from coffee there are three things we love, music, sport, but above all food.

As specialty coffee becomes more complex, many consumers are actually seeking a simpler and more refined experience. What do you think is the best way to make customers happy while still delivering a complete ‘specialty experience’?

In our humble opinion, a coffee shop is nothing more than a place where you have a good coffee, feel comfortable, and are treated with kindness. You have to have trained baristas who are able to offer that extra service for those people who are looking for something more specific but without going crazy.

What is your favourite Fjord coffee you've had so far, and why?

Rubirizi Burundi is truly exceptional in its taste. It has this strong taste of ripe plums and fruitiness which we always look for when making coffee in Orsa.

If you could choose one coffee to drink for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

That’s way too difficult to answer but to be honest, I would go for a white mocha Frappuccino and if possible, with some vanilla syrup on top. What about you?

I'm a bit of a filter fanatic myself! So what made you want to work with Fjord, and how has the response to our coffee been with your community?

We have known you for a long time, but a few weeks ago we received some samples, and we were really impressed. Since then, it has been quick and easy.

I would say that people are quite excited about it. In Denmark is not easy to implement changes in the menu but Fjord seems to have been very well received.

To learn more about Orsa and their work, be sure to visit their shop at  Vesterbrogade 46, 1620 København V – or check them out on their social media via @orsacoffee

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