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A limited edition pack of two Special Edition coffees, from two unique origins. 

Our Special Edition coffees showcase the most unique, exotic and interesting of our Filter, Espresso and Omni roasted coffees. This pack contains two different Special Edition coffees from the Americas - one from El Salvador, and one from Peru. 

The FES Portillo is grown and processed at Finca El Salvador (FES) is located in Cerro El Aguila, which lies in Santa Ana in the north-east of El Salvador. The farm has gained a reputation for producing clean, sweet and versatile coffees, including this Portillo varietal. This lot was processed using a 48 hour maceration process, which intensifies flavours and aromas of fruit, spiced rum and honey - the result is a coffee that is incredibly sweet, versatile for multiple brewing methods, and that has a bit of a wild side to it. 

Hugo & Flor's Geisha was produced by a young married couple, Hugo Pareja and Flor Lopez, who own and operate Bella Vista, a 2.75 hectare farm in the Cusco Department of Peru. This Geisha lot was processed with a fermentation period of nine hours after depulping. The result is a cup profile that is complex, clean and sweet, with a taste experience that is sweet, citrusy and lingering, with notes of young strawberry, pomelo and white florals. 

Peru, Hugo & Flor's Geisha - Geisha, Washed 

Flavour Notes: Young Strawberry, Pomelo, White Florals
Origin: Inkawasi, La Convecion, Cusco Department
Producer: Hugo Pareja & Flor Lopez
Processing: Washed
Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 2205m 

El Salvador, Finca El Salvador - Portillo, 48 hour maceration
Flavour Notes: 
Spiced Rum, Pineapple, Dark Honey
Origin: Cerro El Aguila, Santa Ana (Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range), El Salvador
Producer: Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle
Farm: Finca El Salvador
Processing: 48 hour Maceration Natural
Variety: Portillo
Altitude: 1500 - 1640m


250g €/kg: €85,8
All coffees come as whole beans.

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