Ethiopia, Okoluu - Compostable Capsules

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Roasted in Berlin, enjoyed everywhere.

Flavour Notes: Wild Strawberries and Orange Turkish Delight
Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Washing Station: Okoluu Co-Op
Processing: Natural
Variety: Serto 74110 / 74112 / Heirloom
Altitude: 2000 - 2150m
Best Before Date: December 2023

Enjoy natural processed, African coffees at the touch of a button. 

This is our third year working with the natural process coffees of Okoluu from the Sookoo group in Guji, and Clima. Prepared in compostable capsules, this naturally processed, mixed varietal lot has tasting notes of wild strawberries and orange Turkish delight.

These fully compostable capsules are compatible with most conventional capsules machines (including Nespresso), with each box containing 10 capsules. All that's left to do is extract, and enjoy.


The Sookoo Group grow their coffee trees in Semi-Forest plantations allowing for shaded plantations and a rich ecosystem. Sookoo Group members also receive training and information on soil preparation, planting weeding and harvesting - the farmers are then able to command a higher price for their coffees and for this particular lot received approximately double per kg than the price for grade A cherries. 

The coffee is grown by a small collection of local farmers which form part of the Sookoo Group managed by Ture Waji, who is a local expert in agronomy and permaculture.

10 Capsules €/kg: 132,25€
40 Capsules €/kg: 126.6€
100 Capsules €/kg: 100€

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