Honduras, El Triunfo No. 4 - Espresso

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Flavour Notes: Figs, Almonds, Chocolate Liqueur
Origin: Occidente, Copan, Honduras
Farm Name: El Triunfo No. 4
Producer: Hector Fernando Alvarado Urrea
Processing: Natural
Variety: Catuai
Altitude: 1200 masl

The name El Triunfo ('the triumph' in English) means a lot to the Urrea family, and each generation of the coffee producing family names their properties this way. 

Hector Fernando Alvarado Urrea inherited El Triunfo №4 farm from his father Luis Alberto Beltran Alvarado and his grandfather, Fernando Alvarado Romero. After graduating from agricultural university Hector decided to continue the family tradition and dedicate himself to growing coffee. 

El Triunfo №4 is located in Las Pacayas, 22 km from Corquín, in a protected area at the foot of Celaque Mountain and the Aruco River Basin. On the area of 2 hectares, Hector growes IHCAFE90 and Red Catuai. The farm is among more than 200 manufacturing partners of the Aruco cooperative, which was established in 2006 by 14 farmers from Corquin, including Hector's grandfather. 


After harvesting, the berries are washed and cleaned of fluorides. The most ripe and highquality cherries are sent to the patio, where they are evenly laid out for drying, regularly mixed and calibrated. Special drying canopies are used for drying - the so-called "African beds".

Natural fermentation lasts about 3-4 weeks and is one of the longest methods of preparing coffee. The coffee cherries are dried until the skin acquires a pronounced dark color, and the bean is completely separated from the dried pulp, which can be heard by the characteristic tapping of the bean in the middle of the dried shell. Drying lasts until the moisture content in the bean reaches 12%.

After drying, the berries are collected in bags so that the bean exchanges moisture. During the final stage of preparation, the coffee is sent to the huller to remove all the upper layers. The finished product is packed in 69kg jute bags with GrainPro protection and sent for export.


In 2013, the Aruco cooperative began a micro-lot program aiming to produce high-scoring specialty coffees. It now provides its members with technical assistance, financing and international marketing of greens. This approach ensures high productivity and environmental sustainability in production, and promotes the comprehensive development of families in the region. In addition, the cooperative supports local educational, social and public health institutions.

Aruco owns a coffee processing station equipped with modular sections for wet processing and drying. The wet mill uses environmentally friendly gear that minimizes water consumption, the drying equipment consists of 10 horizontal guards that are heated by burning coffee husks in special ovens.

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