Brazil, Sitio São Pedro #2 - Omni-roast

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Roast Style: Omni-roast
Tasting Notes: 
Pineapple, Chocolate, Persimmon
Mantiqueira, Minas Gerais
Lourdes de Fatima Souza
 Extended Fermentation Natural
Harvest period: June to September

Intense sweetness and fruit notes from the heart of the world's largest coffee-growing country.

Brazil is well known for its high volume production of full-bodied and sweet coffees that are often used for blends. This coffee shows how applied fermentation techniques can create unique coffees that stand out on their own, appreciated as an expression of terrior and processing. 

Roasted as an omni-roast, this Catuai lot can be used for brewing as both espresso and filter. It has notes of ripe pineapple, baking chocolate and a fruit quality that reminds of us persimmon (Sharon's fruit; Kaki). 


The producer of this coffee, Lourdes Fatima, is the matriarch of a coffee growing family that includes her two sons and daughter-in-law. Her son Tiago lives and works on the farm with her, and just across the road her other son Carlos and his wife Rosmeirie live on their farm, Sitio Vargem Grande. The younger generation are very interested in fermentation and have been training and experimenting to add value to their coffee.

The family and wider team measure the sweetness of the cherries using a brix meter, and also monitor pH in order keep a close eye on the temperature. For this lot, the temperature did not go above 38 degrees, the Brix measured from the cherry was 12, and the final pH was 4. 

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