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Flavour Notes: Peach, Jasmine, Yellow Plum
Origin: Amazonas, Luya, Peru
Farm: Santa Teresa
Producer: Andrés Torres
Processing: Anaerobic Natural, 72 hour fermentation
Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 1780masl
Roast Profile: Filter Coffee 

Andres Torres has set a benchmark for the production of natural geisha in the northern regions of Peru, using knowledge passed to him through generations of coffee farmers.

The Torres family has been producing coffee for several generations, and Andres Torres continues the tradition bestowed upon him by his parents and grandparents.

In the last few harvests, Andres has been testing fermentation times when preparing his coffees - he first tried 42 hours and then 72, keeping the latter option for this year’s crop. His expertise led him to rank sixth in the 2021 Cup of Excellence in Peru, and the 2022/23 harvest is of equal quality. 

We selected this Geisha varietal for its complexity, florality and fruitiness, as well as its ability to showcase the incredible potential of high-quality coffee from Peru.


Andres' farm, Santa Teresa is located in the Amazonas region, in the northern regions of Peru that border Ecuador. One of the most beautiful and historic regions of the country, it has great biodiversity, amazing landscapes, and important archaeological sites.

One of the most well-known tourist attractions is the Gocta Waterfall, which is considered the third highest waterfall in the world at 771 meters high. Another very well-known site is the ruins of Kuelap, which belonged to the Chachapoyas culture and is located in the province of Luya. 

Available in 250g only. 

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