El Salvador - Divina Providencia Experimental FILTER

El Salvador - Divina Providencia Experimental FILTER

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This experimental lot was produced for us by Roberto at Divina Providencia in El Salvador. The idea behind it was that the variety Sarchimor is usually not the most complex coffee, but it is Roya resistant (Roya is 'leaf rust', and has decimated a lot of coffee production in Central and South America) and we thought that if processing can have such a drastic effect on the flavour profile of other coffees then why not with Sarchimor!

The hypothesis was that anaerobically fermenting the coffee we could increase the pigment transfer and slow down fermentation, resulting in a more floral than normal cup. The end result; a very sweet, syrupy and round cup. Finding out that through anaerobic processing a Roya resistant coffee variety we can get a stand out cup profile is very exciting!

Flavour Notes: Milk Chocolate, Pear, Citrus

Origin: Santa Ana Volcano, El Salvador

Farm/Washing Station: Finca Divina Providencia

Processing: Anaerobic Cherry Natural

Variety: Sarchimor

Altitude: 1600m - 1800m


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