Divina Providencia COE 1 Special Edition Filter Coffee Box Set

Divina Providencia COE 1 Special Edition Filter Coffee Box Set

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We are delighted to present a rare opportunity to taste a Cup of Excellence winning coffee. The pacamara anaerobic cherry natural process from Finca Divina Providencia & producer Roberto Ulloa was judged to be the best coffee in El Salvador in 2020. Due to our long standing working relationship with Roberto and his farm, we have been lucky enough to secure some of this incredible lot of coffee.

We are selling this coffee as part of a box set that includes three coffees from Finca Divina Providencia. 

Included in this Divina Providencia special edition box set are three incredible natural process filter coffees:

  • 250g Divina Providencia Pacamara Anaerobic Cherry Natural - COE #1
  • 250g Divina Providencia Pacamara Natural 
  • 250g Divina Providencia Red Bourbon Natural

Three incredible coffees, one farm, one rare opportunity to taste a Cup of Excellence winning lot of coffee.

Roast Profile: Filter Coffee


€/kg: 65,33€

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