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Buenos Aires Geisha Natural

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Flavour Notes: Honeysuckle, Raspberry, Lemon Tart

Origin: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Producers: Diana and Hector Ovalle

Processing: Natural 

Variety: Geisha

Harvest Date: March 2022

Altitude: 1.500-1.700m

Roast Profile: Filter Coffee 

Diana and Hector were born into coffee and it has been part of their family history since the late 1800s, when their ancestors arrived at the isolated land of Aqua Dulce, Huehuetenango.

They established a sugar cane plantation at first, with not much luck. They came to a decision to make a change and plant coffee. That is when their love and passion for coffee initiated and stayed within the family till this day.

Today, Diana and Hector run three farms in the Huehuetenango region. They are doing their best to ensure mainly three things: quality, environment preservation and good work conditions.


Finca Buenos Aires is located in the heart of the coffee zone of Huehuetenango region. It is at 1,500 masl. All the coffee is processed on the farm premises. This coffee was dried on raised beds.

They are working hard to develop their farms and use best pre and post harvest practices. They have been making sure that coffee is carefully selected at brix 20-23, sorted, depulped and fermented dry for 36 hours. After that coffee is washed with a mechanic coffee washing machine, sorted in “caño colombiano” (washing channel), dried and reaching 10.5% humidity.



Available in 250g boxes only. 

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Buenos Aires Geisha Natural
Buenos Aires Geisha Natural
Buenos Aires Geisha Natural
Buenos Aires Geisha Natural


When seeking out coffee for our Special Edition range the coffee must be unexpected, challenge norms, be limited in volume, and deliver excitement.

We try to engage the same producers each year with Special Edition coffees, as the liklihood that they have replicated their masterpieces is high.

All of our Special Edition coffees are roasted for filter brewing, but can also be brewed as a light and crisp espresso.