Morning Rituals with Marian of Happy Baristas

Good morning Marian, 
Thanks for being here! So, straight off the bat - Elevator pitch for Happy Baristas - Go.

Coffee in Great Spirits - our tagline sums it up nicely. It's a little word play on the coffee and alcohol competition, which reflects two things we do: we do coffee cocktails and everything we do we usually do with our own little twist.  It also means that Happy Baristas is meant to be a place where you come and you just feel good. Whether you want a quick espresso, brunch with friends or get in the mood with few coffee cocktails, you can do all that. If you want to talk to baristas they are happy to chat, if you want to be left alone and read a book, no one is going to bother you. Good vibes and good people, simple as that.

What is your morning ritual, and why is it so important?

My morning ritual changed dramatically since I got a baby. I won’t lie and tell you how I enjoy my quiet morning alone on the sunny balcony sipping on a beautiful coffee contemplating on life
My morning ritual these days is to change diapers, play with the baby, try to have breakfast with my girlfriend while feeding the baby. We usually manage to drink a black tea during that time as well, so my first drink of the day is not coffee anymore.

Afterwards it is time to clean up all the mess and if baby sleeps long enough I finally have a chance to brew myself a V60. I don’t mess around with different methods or anything like that, the simple most consistent method does it for me right now. 

It might sound like I am not enjoying these morning, but the longer we do this every day the more I find beauty and joy in it. I am adjusting to a new life and learning to let go of things that were purely mine. I am very thankful that I actually can have these morning with my girlfriend and my daughter and start the day together.

But when I go to work the ritual is the same everyday: I have an oat milk flat white which is right away followed by a big cup of batch brew. And then a small cup of batch brew. And I am ready for the day.

Tell us a little about the cafe scene in Friedrichshain.

What I like bout the coffee scene in Berlin is how diverse it became. I am very happy that it is constantly evolving and it is actually reflecting the city itself. The specialty coffee movement didn’t go the easy way here, that there would be just coffee shops after coffee shops which are all the same with the same menu, same aesthetics, etc.

There are puristic places where you can get outstanding pour overs, there are small espresso bars, there are fantastic breakfast spots with great coffee, there are places with coffee cocktails, there are artistic places that are more like a collaboration of different industries. And all the places tend to reflect their neighbourhoods which are each very different here in Berlin. 

What are you hoping to see develop in the coffee industry this year?

Well, first, I hope that we survive. It is tough on all the businesses right now, and I really hope that we will come out stronger after the pandemic.

Second, I know it might already sound like a cliche but damn, we need to do something about the take away situation. We should do something about it as an industry, together. I don’t have the answer, but the amount of waste we as an industry are producing with take away drinks is absolutely insane. I think this is the place where we, all the cafes could do some real change on a global scale.

How to do it? Don’t know, but we need to do it together. We should show that we stand for the same values. I believe that most of our customer would follow if we could make this change on a large scale somehow.
Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing all of this Marian! 
Check out Marian and his cafe Happy Baristas in Friedrichshain at  Neue Bahnhofstraße 32, 10245 Berlin

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